Latest trends in fashion

Latest trends in fashion

Latest trends in fashion

Fashion, what’s new in it? Everything! Fashion as we know it is a dynamically progressive field. Today moccasins and loafers are the hot. Tomorrow, we’ll probably jump back to boat shoes under suits. You can’t really tell what is next when it comes down to fashion. And that, fellas, is what we’re going to discuss.


Let us begin with what may seem the obscenest fashion trend of 2017. We have been familiar with celebrities walking around in their robes in 2016 and even 2015. However, believe It or not, bathrobes are a “thing” now too. It is an outfit now, not just something to dry yourself off with after a shower or a bath. Robes as an outfit is perhaps an idea that might take some getting used to.

The new trench coat

Trench coats sound awfully familiar. That’s probably because they have been around for quite a while now. So, what’s different in “The new trench coat”? Well, unlike the trench coats we know of, these new variants are made of fabrics which are rather slouchy. The buckles on these coats can be classified as relatively huge. Another distinct feature about these is the large size. If you wish to make this a part of your fashion statement, you might want to consider a size which appears to be slightly oversized for you.
Kim Kardashian can be seen wearing the new trench coat in the following picture:

White shirt dresses

As the name suggests. These dresses appear to be like long and extended white formal shirt. The collar and buttons being the main common features between the two. These new dresses have taken the fashion world like a storm.


Khaki and washed out colors are back, guys. Yes. Khaki is right back in the game it once ruled. Be it due to Kanye West’s “Yeezy” fashion season, or Brad Pitt’s all khaki look, khaki is playing a vital role in the fashion world these days.

Flat Bottom Sneaker

Flat bottom sneakers, with 3/4 skinny jeans is the casual look of the year, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a unisex look everybody seems to be pulling off this season.

Single shoulder cutout

It’s trendy, sexy, and it makes a statement like none other. The single shoulder cutout does full justice to its name. On shoulder of the dress is cutout. That’s it! Nothing more to it, yet it screams class and trend.

Waist Clinchers

You’ve probably seen something very similar in one of those waist training commercials. They have now made a debut in the fashion industry. I am not even joking. These are deep in the core of the new fashion trends. Everybody is wearing these. This could be due to the obvious advantage they carry with them: thinner waists for women. What woman wouldn’t want that for herself?
The latest trends in fashion have been rather unpredictable. Some of them, like the bathrobes, were probably never thought of as fashion statements and yet here we are. Such has been the case with fashion throughout history. It has always been extremely unpredictable and perhaps it always will be. That’s just the way fashion plays the game and if you want to stay on top of that game, you better gear up with the trendy new styles that come along.

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