All about Venice


All about Venice

Weekend in Venice was probably one of the most romantic trips for me. It has incredible architecture and just the idea of whole city build on water, which seems quite magical to me. No matter how small Venice may seem at first you will not see the whole Venice in a weekend. This is a city made up of 450 bridges, 120 islands and a maze of narrow, twisting streets. Speaking of which, make this grand piazza your first stop. Bordered on the East by the façade of St Mark’s, it’s changed little during the 1000 years of its existence.

Venice has and always will be a very popular stop for tourists in Italy. You really can see a lot of it in just one day and it’s not uncommon to take day trips to visit Venice, but I’d recommend staying for at least two.

The day we arrived i thought that it would be so easy to see everything in 1 day, but the more places we saw the more i started realising we need many more days here and not just the weekend. However if you wanted to see and discover all of Venice one week should be ideal.

The food  is just incredible, and most of the restaurants are so amazing and every dish is full of amazing flavours. Unfortunately, i haven’t had chance to stay in Venice as much as i wished, but hoping to be back soon and this time for a little longer.


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