White Amber – A perfect addition to your Beauty Wish List.


Creed White Amber 

A perfect addition to your Beauty Wish List.

Creed Fragrances’ newly launched fragrance the Creed White Amber – Les Royale Exclusive’s jewel is an amazing fruity – floral scent made for her. Its distinct scent makes it stand out among the rest.

Made with carefully hand-picked 100% natural ingredients it has an amazing feel. Each of the product included in the Les Royale collection has a unique flavor and fragrance which leaves you wanting for more.

The name white amber is a tribute to Golden Amber, the most prized treasure used in jewelry and fragrances for a long time.  Fashioned by none other than Olivier Creed, sixth generation skillful perfumer. This fragrance has its own distinct feel which makes it different from the rest in the collection.

Creed White amber has been crafted with perfectly invigorating ingredients like fruits, jasmine, benzoin, rich amber and Indian sandalwood. These ingredients make it a perfect feminine scent that will leave you spellbound. Unlike other fragrances, creed has always produced the best natural, earthy feel scents which feel calming and refreshing to anyone.

Their fragrances have always made an impact because of their fashioning. One who has always been a regular user of their fragrances can swear by all of them blindfolded.

Creed White Amber will not disappoint you. A perfect addition to your appearance and your collection of perfumes, it will make you and others around you feel calm and fresh. It has not a usual feel, but a unique scent that will stay on your dressing for a long time. White Amber has made its way into everyone’s heart and is already on a roll.

Fashion Gurus swear by this gem and love to recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet enigmatic fragrance to beef up their overall appearance and make them feel amazing. One of Olivier’s greatest produces, White Amber is that jewel in your beauty crown which was missing for a long time. And I am not joking here, I have become a fan after using it and so will you. Do not wait to add it to your wish list.

Creed White Amber has truly been able to live up to its name and its purpose, to pay tribute to the ever-amazing, ever cherished treasure that is Golden Amber. Golden Amber has for long been utilized in the manufacturing of many perfumes and jewels. It has been a favorite among fragrance lovers from far and wide. With Creed White Amber, Creed fragrances has again proved itself to be one of the greatest perfumers of all times. Like their other products, you will love it, just like I do!

Order this amazing gem today and you will find it to be one of those fragrances that stands close to the likes of Eternity. Les Royale Exclusive Collection is surely filled with more exciting scents but this one has become a personal favorite. Buy it for yourself or gift it to someone, make it a part of your life. I am sure you would like to get your hands on it once you test it for yourself.


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