I am on cloud nine with Cloud Nine Original Iron!


When you have fine wavy hair and love the thick, straight locks of your friends around you, the bit of the envy in your eyes can be seen and before you get caught with it, it is better you do something about your mane on your own. I recently came across Cloud Nine Original Iron. My friend brought it with her when she came to my house for stay and suggested me to switch it up with my regular straightener for a couple of days and see the results. I was delighted. I saw no harm because even if it didn’t worked out for me I just gave it a shot as it worked for my friend and I won’t be spending to buy one for myself. But oh my, how wrong I was!

I have been using a lot of straighteners pretty much my entire life since I fell in love with the straight hair look so I know all about them. Constantly switching and replacing one for another, I have come across a lot of straight irons and straighteners that promise great results but deliver none but much to my shock, this Cloud Nine Original Iron gave me immediate results.

On the first go, only my hair looked much less agitated and bouncier than ever before. Because I have fine hair, the temperature regulation feature of the iron was ideal to help my hair to not completely dry out or get burned on the ends rather it left them more shiny and sleek. This added feature of temperature regulation makes this iron suitable for not only fine hair but all hair types like thick and curly because it can go from low to high-temperature points depending on your hair. It didn’t feel harsh on my hair because of the temperature controlled, mineral-coated ceramic plates it had and was very gentle in use and the results were amazing.

Coming from a person who has used pretty much all the straighteners and irons and hair gadgets you may name, you would definitely want to try out one for yourself too. I am so glad my friend lent it to me to try it out and I ended up buying one for myself because it is really that good. Today, my hair have amazing bounce even after I iron them and no one can tell if these straight locks are my original hair type or not, as my hair don’t look as damaged as they used to before due to all the other irons I had used over the years.

Also, after getting it i realised that it is so easy to carry it with me anywhere because it is so light weight, and comes in that amazing little bag. The overall product, the packaging and the results on my hair this iron gave me, I am seriously on cloud nine with this Cloud Nine Original Iron and it also offers 20£ off for a limited time.





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