Omorovicza skin care


  Omorovicza skin care

Omorovicza rose lifting serum

Dry skin in winters, for many people, is no less than a skin infection. An infection where you have dry itchy patches on your face and constant skin stretching which later results in wrinkles. In this hour of need, a good moisturiser or cleanser is very necessary.

Why do dry skinned people have most wrinkles compared to any other skin type? It’s because of dehydrated skin which can be negotiated by using oil based serums and moisturisers.

This does not just happen with dry skinned people only. In winters people with normal or combination skin and sometimes even sensitive skin can have dry patches on their faces when temperature crosses -10 and the humidity and moisture vanishes.

A good moisturizer like Omorovicza rose lifting serum with its potent blend of Hungary’s mineral rich healing water and essential oils is an absolute must for dry, normal, and combination skin in cold weather. It smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and gives ultimate lift and hydration to your skin to prevent stretching and dry patches. It’s one of the best anti-aging serum and is highly preferable for 40+ women as it relaxes facial muscles with its mayweed formula.

Their combination of finest minerals and vitamins sourced from across the globe along with synthetic free colors, fragrances, and parabens gives skin a fresh layer of tightness and required greasiness to prevent wrinkle and anti-aging effect.

Their Hydro Mineral Transference formula leaves skin younger looking and supple and provides elasticity and vitality.

It’s one of the best day cream/moisturiser to avert dull looks and wrinkles. So you can love your skin and shine brightly even with dry skin.



                                             Omorovicza balancing moisturiser


Whenever winters are about to end the main problem of every oily skinned person is to say goodbye to. Their glowing bright and clear oily skin and with summers approaching they are worried sick about that extra oil coming straight from Arabian wells on their face (OK, a bit exaggerating) but honestly oily skinned people suffers the most in the season of fun and sun. The blotting and breakouts, the greasiness and open pores, and that high score shine are the perks of summer for oily skinned people and sometimes for combination skinned people too.

No need to be worried anymore for blotting, fighting zits and greasiness on your face in summers. Here is for your radiant glow rather than greasy glow, OMOROVICZA BALANCING MOISTURISER.

Ideal for oily skin, this balancing moisturizer is a cooling gel-cream which saves your fashion style from cramping and blurs the opening of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Its cooling gel texture balances hydration and excess oil and help in regulating the production of sebum. It not only brightens your dull skin but also great for blemish prone skin.

Large open pores are one hell of a problem for oily skinned people which work as a gateway for dust particles into your skin and becomes the reason for pimples and breakouts. This balancing moisturiser actually balances all such issues of oily skin and provides perfectly calibrated long lasting hydration. It is the perfect pick for people sick of their unwanted shine and greasiness and oil as it absorbs excess oil instantly.


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