Semi-permanent make up London

A few months back I came to know about a new make-up trend called semi-permanent make up that took the make-up world by storm. I decided to turn a blind eye to this new form of makeup, considering it to be similar to the hopeless tattoo make up trend that rose to fame just a few months back, and came crushing down even quicker than I had thought.

A week ago my colleague Anne, who previously had sparsely grown brows (all thanks to the excessive plucking disorder we all had in the early 2000s), came in with a face similar to that of Cara Delavigne. I was amazed to see her new thick brows and even more amazed to hear her rave about the new micro blading technique that had endowed her with such luxurious brows. She explained how micro blading was a part of the semi- permanent make up and was, in a good way, different to getting your brows tattooed.

She carefully made her research in choosing the right clinique for her, where the stuff and her team were very professional and clean, Inga Cursina offers a full range of semi-permanent make-up, that includes semi-permanent make-up eyeliner and semi-permanent lip make up. The royal micro blading academy also deals in the removal of spider veins by laser, as well as tattoo laser removal technique and scalp micro pigmentation, services that can be availed by the male clientele as well.

Inga herself is a qualified professional, who completed her training from Phi Brows in London, which is a micro blading tutoring academy, and tends to the hygiene conditions of the academy herself.
Anne’s major concern was whether the cost of the whole procedure would be reasonable, and to her surprise, the whole bill of brows micro blading came down to just 350 pounds. Their other services are quite modest as well, as compared to the prices charged by other micro blading clinics in London. Considering that this semi-permanent make up lasts 2-3 years, the price is a total bargain


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