The Malmaison Experience

Accommodations’ and lodgings have evolved greatly from the traditional inns we all read about in novels or saw in movies. From the shabby entrances, dimly lit halls and dingy apartments, the drafty rooms and usually only a few people for service, now we can notice a huge change in the lodging industry.
The whole hotel experience has totally revolutionized nowadays, hoteliers and lodging owners aim to provide not only the basic bed and breakfast but also luxury! And to retain their customers.
Now one of these hotels striving and actually achieving excellence is “Hotel Malmaison London.” It is a classic boutique hotel situated in Central London, just 5 minutes away from Barbican and Farrington Tube station. A four-star hotel overlooking the city with major destinations like Old Bailey, Museum of London, Barbican Arts Centre, London Stock Exchange and St. Paul’s Cathedral only at a walking distance.
My stay at this stylish hotel, situated in a fashionable urban location was one of the most relaxing and luxurious experiences ever. Although the hotel has 97 rooms in total and most of them were occupied but I still got the option to choose a room of my choice. That speaks volume about their consideration and hospitality level and how much they value my comfort. And all that without any reservation cost.
The entire check-in process is very transparent and user friendly, no hassle at all. The check in time starts at 3, and the checkout ends at noon.
The bold and original Jack Vettriano painting in the lobby sets off a very erotic mood and in reflection of that the entire hotel is designed to give off a luxurious feel. Every room is decorated in a sophisticated way but without making one feel too alienated. I felt right at home (a cleaner version of it though) when I entered my room. Since mine was a business trip I needed seclusion and comfort. And the hotelier and their supporting staff made sure that I got exactly what I needed whenever needed it.
The greatest benefit I got by staying here on a business trip was that, Malmaison has a wide-spaced and totally functional conference room. The availability of free Wi-Fi in the public areas allowed me to work from anywhere without any hindrance.
Although the family didn’t come with me this time but seeing all the comforts and quick service, I am looking forward to bring the family along next time. One of the reasons I love this place is that the hotel is a smoke free zone, which means no passive smoking for me. Totally safe for the kids as well! Although they don’t have cribs for infants but since kids up to 2 years can stay for free, that’s no issue either. What’s more is that we can bring our dog.
Some people might not think of bringing their families to boutique hotels but the 24-hrs concierge service, dry cleaning, air-conditioning and most importantly a flat screen TV with multiple channels I can flick through, I am actually already planning my next visit.

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